Obama: Not Easy Being Green

What’s new is old again. My Obamafriends disbelieve that Hillary’s policies are more liberal than Barack’s. I’ve seen this information posted in the comments of several blogs and am reposting it here. It’s about Obama’s un-Kermit-like vote in 2005, when he voted with big energy instead of environmentalists.

On May 17th, 2008 at 11:32 am, marie3548 said on The Confluence:

LNG or the Bush-Cheney Energy bill of 2005 that Obama voted for and Hillary opposed. The bill cut the states out of the decision-making process re: what energy arrangements would be made within their boundaries. Repeat: Obama voted for it, Hillary voted against it.

LNG or Bush Cheney Energy Bill LNG is Liquid Natural Gas pipeline that will run along our coastline and private farmlands (eminent domain). They will condemn the land for the pipeline right of way and pay what they consider is a fair price which is always really cheap. There is not one thing the property owners can do if they do not stop it early on. The state has no say because its a federal bill. Hillary will give back the state the right to make its own decisions.

As outlined on this site, one of the many issues is that like with any type of pipeline, engineers want it sitting on at least 75 feet of dead land, which cuts off habitat. Also, the specific problem in Oregon is that the pipeline is running out of Wyoming across southern Oregon onto the coast to get LNG to Calif. This is being protested by Oregonians, who do not want more habitat wrecked, trees cut down so heavy equipment can access, risk of disaster, and expropriation of land — all without Oregon being able to legally intervene or negotiate on behalf of its residents.


And here’s about the El Paso, TX energy company that will build the pipeline.


2 thoughts on “Obama: Not Easy Being Green

  1. Hi, Lady Boomer NYC–

    This is GRL, lifelong Jersey Girl until I moved to the SW about 8 years ago!
    You’re already on my blog role!

    Great piece on Obama and LNG…have you seen my Part II on Daniel Boren? Obama’s “adviser” who almost single-handedly was the one who screwd Gore’s energy plan in 1993??? (It’s in the archives)

    As I get less involved in the political stuff, I’ll be doing my World Media Watch and World Energy Watch on a more regular basis, although I don’t think that will garner much interest!

  2. Hey, GRL!

    Cool, I hope you’re enjoying the lovely SW. I was raised in CA and came to NY a couple and a half years ago.

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I’ve seen your icon/logo, but what’s your blog? It’s not on your post, so I can’t tell if I’ve already added you, and I seem to be having trouble seeing my comments in a list. Send me the link to your article, okay? I’ll also check your World Media Watch.

    Thanks for visiting and glad you liked the piece — I was basically passing on commenters’ info, with my intro added. The blogosphere is so great to learn about issues. Living out here on the right coast now, I didn’t know about LNG until it popped up. I hope OR voters are thinking about it!

    Yeah, me too, I’ll be writing about other things as well, but I’m sure the election will keep me busy for a bit. Quite stressful and too much sitting on my butt, ‘though. Nightline just ran a segment about a Mary Kay distributor who is helping organize to support Hillary or McCain, feeling the election’s been stolen by misogyny. That must mean there’s enough noise to penetrate the MSM threshold.

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