When NARAL Affiliates Revolt…

Washington Post’s The Trail reports that NARAL affiliate networks in key primary and swing states have announced their democratic neutrality, instead of backing their parent org’s endorsement of Obama yesterday, May 14, 2008. According to The Trail:

Since yesterday’s announcement, NARAL groups in Pennsylvania, Missouri, Oregon, Washington, Texas and New York — Clinton’s home state — have issued statements signaling their continued neutrality in the Democratic race and emphasizing that the national group did not speak for them on this matter. These groups represent nearly a quarter of NARAL’s state chapters.

NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon stated in a press release that they would support either of the two pro-choice Democratic candidates. They stood against John McCain’s avowed plans to: repeal Roe v. Wade, continue abstinence policies, and de-fund low-cost women’s birth control programs. They stopped short of endorsing Hillary Clinton.

Speaking of NARAL and women’s issues, thank yous go out to the faithful, pro-feminist blogger, Mark of Men For Hillary, who recognized LadyBoomerNYC in his “This Week’s Blog Recommendations.”

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