An Bizarro World: Hold On To Your Uterus, Ladies! NARAL? Edwards?

Afternoon Mishmash:

Big Ride: Well, is our goose cooked? John, you too? According to CNN News, John Edwards is about to endorse Obama, which he alluded to coyly in last week’s CNN appearances. I’m not about to bail, but geeze, John, wow. Am I the only one (well, including about 16.5 million people) who can’t understand what people are seeing or not seeing about Hillary with all these defections or rats jumping off ship, as expressed by the Red State Update guys’ video.

How much more bizarro can things get? NARAL endorses Obama? Best candidate to unite black and white women? Ahhhh-uuuummmmm — How about Hillary Clinton, the best candidate to keep women’s bodies healthy by having a health care plan of substance? How about endorsing the candidate who has consistently stood for women, women’s right to choose, children, and families? This is just too bizarre. Oh my gosh, I think I’ve temporarily run out of words. Riverdaughter gives some perspective about NARAL’s leadership over the last few years.

Then there’s Hillary in a pre-taped CNN Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer that aired today May 14 where she said:

I don’t quit. You don’t walk off the court before the buzzer sounds. You never know when you could get a three-point shot in at the end.

Then we have ABC News announcing today that Hillary is leading:

ABC News: Hillary Leads In Total Popular Vote

5/14/2008 3:56:36 PM

Following her strong victory in West Virginia last night, Hillary regained her lead in the total popular vote, including Michigan and Florida. From ABC News:

Clinton: 16,691,283
Obama: 16,647,926

Edwards is about to speak. Honestly, I’m feeling ill about now — yah, like on a roller coaster ride. Why the heck is everyone so skittish? Hillary is so strong. If she won’t give up, neither will I.

Don’t you know, they’re playing real hard ball to hit her when she’s up and riding the wave. Yup, lots of back room stuff, BO walking around in a baseball cap, chillin’, playin’ pool, then wham bam. If Hillary can fight, so can we. I’m interested to see how she weathers this, and if other SDs are swayed to Obama’s side. Keep fighting and contributing to Hillary Clinton. Me: $20 today. Little, I know, but if even 16 million gave that, we’d retire her $21 million loan to herself, and have some in the coffers to ride on till June 3.


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