Jamie Rubin on CNN Late Edition 4/27/08: Dems Finally Grow Some

Before you think I’ve gone completely complacent, I’m a few days late, and many dollars short, before it’s ancient and not just old news, I wanted to highlight Jamie Rubin’s CNN Late Edition appearance last Sunday, April 27. (I’m not actually able to embed it, and pardon the commercial, but I haven’t found it elsewhere besides CNN, so here it is linked.) Call it what you will, here was one Dem man who refused to be bullied and insisted on shaping the conversation.

Perhaps I feel this way, because I went into a slump after Hillary won PA. Something inside of me just wouldn’t let me celebrate or open the bubbly like so many others. Perhaps I could hear the impending steps of doom from down the hall. Perhaps, I knew instinctively like Hillary seems to that the battle is still on and always will be.

And sure enough, after a slight nod to her blow up punching clown ability to keep popping back up after each slug, they began slugging her again after her 10 point win in PA. “But she can’t really win, can she?” And they keep on, but Rubin refused to be dumped in that box and came out swinging, pulling no punches. Same ole, same ole slice em dice em politics, you say? For once, and maybe only for that one time, it felt good to hear a surrogate who had grown some, and was willing to use them in service of our gal, (who has an impressive set herself), refusing to succumb to another round of Obama surrogate spin. Oy vey, a set of what? What am I saying? Knockers. Don’t hate me. I’m still respectful and have some myself. Wouldn’t it be great to have a President with a set of those for once? Tee hee.

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