DNC “Partybuilder” an Oxymoron

Thanks to a sharp commenter on TaylorMarsh.com, we’re aware of how unaware the DNC.

On their website “partybuilder” (is that a new oxymoron, kids?), there’s an event announcement and sign up for: NATIONAL RALLY FOR BARACK OBAMA!! Here’s the rest of the announcement from democrats.org:

April 12, 2008 – 12 noon

Please help get the word out. Tell all your friends. Send text messages, emails, and make phone calls.

This is a nationwide rally to be held simultaneously across Amercia…all over the country, in all cities and states to send a unified voice in support of Barack Obama. The event will be coordinated to occur everywhere at the same time !

We need your help ! Time is of the essence !

Refer everyone to http://www.newswatchdogservice.com to register to attend/volunteer for this event or contact 1voice4obama@newswatchdogservice.com

Time: Saturday, April 12 at 12:00 PM
Duration: 3 hours
Host: rita collins
NATIONAL (Baltimore, MD)
Associated Groups: Baltimore City Democrats


Will you attend:
How many attendees total: 0 (incl. yourself)

Would you like to volunteer?


(I didn’t want to give them so much large, bold type, but I couldn’t seem to get rid of it.) Probably shouldn’t even give it this much juice; not even sure if I should tag it.

I hate to send anyone there needlessly, except to complain, but here it is: http://www.democrats.org/page/event/detail/organizing/4vmxk

See for yourself. (shaking my head) Just doesn’t seem right, doesn’t seem right.

I was so shocked (what’s wrong with me?) to see the call to action right there on their website that I didn’t think to write a comment to the poster. I did, however, write to the DNC:

What is the DNC thinking?

I’m a lifelong, dedicated Democrat. As far as I can find, the DNC is not hosting any voter numbers nor tallies of the popular or delegate votes here on its website. You ARE, however, hosting a partybuilder event that’s sponsoring a nationwide Obama day! What a sham! I can’t believe this obvious bias and why this announcement wouldn’t be moderated! The DNC won’t get a cent of money or support from me until they clean up their act.

I’ll admit that last part sounds pretty hateful. Over the years, my support has primarily been at the volunteer rather than monetary level, so no loss to them. Do I sound defensive? It’s more bark than bite. Call me naive; I can’t believe each new low to which the DNC seems to go. Have they/we chosen a candidate yet?

Is it just that I finally feel old enough to bitch about this stuff? Yes. A result of technology? Yes. Or is it that everything’s so crucial right now? I won’t take this #@*! standing down, baby.

2 thoughts on “DNC “Partybuilder” an Oxymoron

  1. Hi Lady Boomer NYC: I quit the party on March 25. Resigned by e-mailing the Chair of my District Party. No funds, period, and no support for the DNC, period, until they clean their act up. You can read more about my decision at Today, I Begin my Independence from the Democratic Party!. Probably should have put “Democratic” in quotes…

    Today, the Democratic Party fund raisers called me… yikes, wrong person to call. They got an earful.

    Keep the faith!

    BTW – can I be on your blogroll, pretty please?

  2. Mark: Thanks for your comment. I was hoping someone would catch on to the info in this post — I thought the DNC was outrageous in their actions. Will go back and read your DNC independence post.

    Thanks for adding me; yes, I’ll add you, especially since you said pretty please. Actually, I’d emailed you when I first got up and running with same request, but didn’t hear back so cut loose. Good to be all connected up now.

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