NYC Protest Against Media Bias: Friday, April 11, 8am, 2008

Here’s the information about tomorrow’s NYC protest in Rockefeller Plaza (fitting, isn’t it) organized by and I look forward to seeing you there. Anyone have an extra sign I can use?

Attention Hillary Supporters!

Join The Protest Against Media Bias, Hate Speech, and Voter Suppression!

New York City — Friday, April 11 (8am), 2008 @ West 48th St & Rockefeller Plaza

We demand an END to Media Bias!

We demand an END to Hate Speech!

We demand an END to Prejudice against Hillary!

We demand Florida & Michigan votes COUNT as cast!

We demand an END to Rigging of the Democratic Primary!

We are standing up and demanding an end to these abuses of power! Our protest signs & banners should: Support Hillary Clinton, Protest Media/MSNBC Bias, Protest Hate Speech & Prejudice against Hillary, Demand Michigan & Florida Votes Count, Protest Rigging of the Democratic Primary Election!

This is a peaceful protest. We do not represent Hillary Clinton but as supporters of her politics we embody her values and accordingly, must conduct ourselves respectfully at all times. Anti-Obama or Anti-McCain signs are NOT welcome.

This protest is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, the official Hillary Clinton for President campaign and is being independently organized, funded and operated.



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