Media Bias Against Hillary Exposed: Watch This

If you have any doubts about the sexist, misogynist treatment of Hillary by the mainstream media, watch this clip compilation of a gaggle of “news” show moderators, pundits, and commentators.

It pains my heart that, after watching the same thing I watched, some YouTube commenters are just as far away from realization as before they viewed it. They’re blind to their unconscious misogyny.

Which points to something I’ve been wondering about lately regarding our capacity for clearly seeing and evaluating the candidates: The way in which each person in this country and worldwide views the candidates is based on many filters. Our filters are based in who we are, our circumstances, the life we’ve lived, influences we’ve had and still have. People are passionate about this election, thank God! But can you really convince anyone to have a clear mind, to wake up, and be free of their prejudices–sexism, racism, or any -ism–if they remain unconscious of them? Isn’t that the challenge, the whole challenge of living, of human nature?

Boy, this feels pretty pessimistic for me. What is the best way to challenge blind assumptions? Time to push away from the computer and take a walk into Spring. I think that’s the optimal state to begin having that internal and external exploration and conversation. Do you? Time to meditate. Take a breath. The sun’s out. Inhale. Ahhh. Exhale. Ahhh.


2 thoughts on “Media Bias Against Hillary Exposed: Watch This

  1. Thank you for taking the time to create a blog post on the video “Mad as Hell/Bitch”.

    The video was created by two grassroots supporters who met online, IndyRobin and GeekLove08. It took 4 weeks to create the video as we were collaborating via e-mail and we had a lot of material to work with. Both of us are fairly new to YouTube– I started to create videos in February and this was IndyRobin’s first video.

    We believe that the message of misogyny, as well as the character assassination of Hillary Clinton, by the media is an important one. We are “mad as hell” that television has become what Edward R. Murrow had warned about in 1958 when he said “This instrument can teach, it can illuminate; yes, and it can even inspire. But it can do so only to the extent that humans are determined to use it to those ends. Otherwise it is merely wires and lights in a box.”

    Thanks to people like you, the video has gone “viral” spreading through the internet, and perhaps inspiring people to speak out against the media.

    If you and/or your readers have the opportunity, we would appreciate it very much if you could go to the original video post on YouTube and RATE the video, post a COMMENT on the video, and FAVORITE the video. These actions will help the video earn YouTube “honors” which may help further promote the video online. (You can get to the YouTube site for the video by double clicking the video on your blog.)

    Thanks again for your post.


    P.S. The video is NOT an anti-Obama video, but rather a video against the media bias. However, for those who do support Hillary Clinton, a donation to her campaign, for those who can afford it, would be great. There is a donation link on YouTube. The donation link appears when you click “More info” that appears next to the video information “Added: April 06, 2008”. I will also try to post a link here too — Click to Donate. Thanks.

  2. GeekLove08: Thanks for writing, and more importantly for creating the video. I also appreciate hearing about the background of your piece. I’d wondered, because I saw another version, but went with yours because I’d seen it elsewhere first–maybe announced on Hillary Speaks for Me, or??? Good to hear it’s gone “viral.”

    Absolutely about it not being anti-Obama, but anti-media bias — that’s what’s so ironic about this whole campaign and the anti-Hillary campaign, rather than pro-whatever.

    I rated video tops and favorited right away, but good reminder for viewers from here. I noticed that you’d linked to Hillary for Pres on youtube–her official site is also in my blogroll.

    Keep up the good work!

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