Voter Numbers Missing from DNC Website

There must have been a robbery. The voter numbers seem to be missing from the Democratic National Committee’s website. Where are they? Why are the popular vote and delegate count totals missing?

Wouldn’t you think that the DNC would post the totals on their website and describe the race?

What if the martians came down (or escaped from Area 51) and asked (in an instantaneous translation into English),

What’s going on here?

Who’s in the race?

What are the totals?

Who’s winning?

Shouldn’t the party who sponsors the race be able to at least point those curious martians to the facts by having it on their website? Is this how they usually handle things? After all, it is the Democratic party home, and one would think that they’d host their own tallies. (If someone can find them–the tallies, the martians, or the DNC–please clue me in. I’ve searched high and low.)

To make a point in an earlier blog post, I quoted the voter results with and without FL that I found on a Google map, which sourced the Boston Globe and a political blog. I found it to be the clearest depiction of the simple numbers. In looking back to write a reply, thought I’d resource the numbers again and, not finding them on the website, searched Google for hours for other sources. The numbers all varied and made me dizzy. Where is the actual popular vote count to date, and how could it differ so much?

The fact that the DNC (read: Howard Dean) is subversively MIA on this is shouting its non-biased complicity in perpetuating a weird state of affairs.


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