Quien es mas liberal? (Or, who moved the finish line?)

Has anyone noticed? In the last week, Hillary has:

• Advocated in front of Congress to withdraw from the war in Iraq

• Supported increased funding to find a cure in our lifetime for breast cancer, supports autism research

• Called on President Bush to boycott the Olympic opening ceremonies, in a protest for justice in Tibet.

She, unlike Bill (sorry Bill, but this is how I remember it) is taking a strong stand for Tibet. Thank God! It’s about time! Finally! Oppressed monks and committed followers, keepers of the flame for this wise and ancient religion are being heard, at least seen on TV (yes, they’re being killed for it, too). Potentially the most powerful woman in the world is standing with you!

For Hillary’s strong stand on this and more, go to www.HillaryClinton.com.

But, (sigh) the Media (oh, yes, here I go again) instead discusses how one poll–one–shows that Obama is closing in on Hillary, and hosts five guests, besides the opinionated moderator, to slam the point home. They follow up with computer graphics depicting his gain on her over time. Then, just like Hillary alluded to during the debates, Obama comes out a day later with a Tibet statement that mirrors hers, and MSNBC calls it Breaking News. What?

We haven’t heard too much this week about Hillary dropping out of the race, have we? It seems to me that when you call a horse race–haven’t been since I was a kid in the fifties with my parents at Santa Anita, exiciting–yes, they’re on TV but I don’t watch. I’ll just reminisce about Seabiscuit: When it’s neck and neck, you’re calling who’s ahead, who’s gaining, but you’re not pronouncing the winner. Whoever’s ahead, “. . . and it’s Clinton by a head, Obama’s moving up, but it’s Clinton, Clinton, Clinton. It’s neck and neck, back and forth.”

You don’t tell your challengers to drop out. You don’t tell horses like FL and MI they can’t race the most important race of their lives. And you can’t change the finish line! If the finish line is 2024 delegate votes, a winner can’t be declared until someone crosses it!


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