“Poetic and Well Done” says Chris Matthews of Clinton in Congress

“Poetic and well-done!” is Chris Matthews’ assessment of Hillary’s questioning of General Petraeus in Congress today. I must have died and gone to, uh, he-e-aven.

I didn’t hear Hillary’s entire segment, and honestly, okay, I’m getting ready to go to an event, but I could not understand a word that Obama said or a question that he asked. Well, most of his questioning was more like a speech or his own platform, but it sounded like a bunch of words, technically correct, but hard to make out — and I’m a pretty smart gal — and without much heart. I try to give him the benefit of the doubt, but that was also my impression of Obama during the debates. Good speechmaker, but during an actual one on one, or running a meeting, I felt his style might be a bit inaccessible, a little harsh.

Whereas, the supposedly hard to get along with, divisive Clinton, makes her points clearly, yet connected to life. She has definitely engaged, formed alliances, and crafted legislation with colleagues from across the aisle. She’s garnered public respect from lawmakers and journalists who’d previously tried to bring “Bill and Hill” to their knees over the years. During this afternoon’s committee questioning, Hillary seemed more liberal and ready to withdraw from Iraq than Obama did.

I’m going to see if I can find a link to that Matthews segment. Now would be a good time for Hillary to sign up for that Matthews’ college tour!!! I wonder if he’ll fawn over her the same way he did over Obama. I wish I had that tour interview (anyone?), but it was the equivalent of boxers or briefs. So sweet, that Chris. What a fan! Anyway, I digress. I’m a forgiving woman: For today, I’ll take that baby step of yours where you called Hillary Clinton “poetic” and characterized her performance as “well-done!”


2 thoughts on ““Poetic and Well Done” says Chris Matthews of Clinton in Congress

  1. LadyBloomer, GREAT site that is easy to navigate. The hillaryclintonforum.net site is experiencing some server problems today but Murray assures everyone that things will be fixed by tomorrow at the latest.

    I watched all of HRC’s questioning of General Patreus and it was, as with everything she does, on point and succinct. She asked great questions and did not go of on a “jag” like BO did.

    I watched all his testimony (I say this because there really was never a firm question asked and he kind of just rampbled on and on.) He is SUCH A LOUSY extemporaneous speaker. He really does remind me of Jimmy Stewart..”Well, aaaahhh, well gee, well now you know….” HAH! I will also admit that John McCain asked good questions but more along the lines of “Great job. Staying the course, blah, blah, blah.

    Don’t anyone take the comments about the “polls” by the MSM too seriously…they ignored the two with the highest margin of lead by Hillary and chose the lowest to declare that BO was “Closing the gap in Pennsylvannia”.

    Anyway, this is a great site and I will be checking every day!

  2. Wyoming Dem: Thanks for your comments and for checking back. I’ve now posted Hillary’s 4/8/08 segment here, so all can see.

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