“Poetic and Well Done” says Chris Matthews of Clinton in Congress

“Poetic and well-done!” is Chris Matthews’ assessment of Hillary’s questioning of General Petraeus in Congress today. I must have died and gone to, uh, he-e-aven.

I didn’t hear Hillary’s entire segment, and honestly, okay, I’m getting ready to go to an event, but I could not understand a word that Obama said or a question that he asked. Well, most of his questioning was more like a speech or his own platform, but it sounded like a bunch of words, technically correct, but hard to make out — and I’m a pretty smart gal — and without much heart. I try to give him the benefit of the doubt, but that was also my impression of Obama during the debates. Good speechmaker, but during an actual one on one, or running a meeting, I felt his style might be a bit inaccessible, a little harsh.

Whereas, the supposedly hard to get along with, divisive Clinton, makes her points clearly, yet connected to life. She has definitely engaged, formed alliances, and crafted legislation with colleagues from across the aisle. She’s garnered public respect from lawmakers and journalists who’d previously tried to bring “Bill and Hill” to their knees over the years. During this afternoon’s committee questioning, Hillary seemed more liberal and ready to withdraw from Iraq than Obama did.

I’m going to see if I can find a link to that Matthews segment. Now would be a good time for Hillary to sign up for that Matthews’ college tour!!! I wonder if he’ll fawn over her the same way he did over Obama. I wish I had that tour interview (anyone?), but it was the equivalent of boxers or briefs. So sweet, that Chris. What a fan! Anyway, I digress. I’m a forgiving woman: For today, I’ll take that baby step of yours where you called Hillary Clinton “poetic” and characterized her performance as “well-done!”

The Officers and The Lady

As John McCain boasted ten days or so ago:

“Americans should be proud that they led the way in removing a vicious, predatory dictator and opening the possibility of a free and stable Iraq,” the statement continues. “Americans should be proud that once we implemented the surge and new counterinsurgency strategy, a dire situation has been dramatically improved. And, Americans know that the consequences of failure would leave our nation less secure for generations to come.”

Really, John McCain! “A free and stable Iraq”? You mean that you could walk down the street during your visit just like anywhere in America? After all that money and those lives lost of ours, of theirs, and a crumbling economy, infrastructure, and educational system here?

We’re done, we were done before we started. We made it a hotbed of terrorism. If there was a problem in Iraq, our actions have made it far worse. How about Basra, and Mutatada El Sadr’s call for cease fire after we began bombing? Yes, they hollered wolf, but who was in charge? He was and still is, and his supporters are part of the Iraqi congress. Then, as if knowing Petraeus would testify to the surge’s success, the last ten days of surge seemed to strengthen the hand of the resistance, who repeatedly ripped bombs inside of the “safe” Green Zone, as if to thumb their noses at that assertion, and provide strength to all those who would have us fold our losing hand.

Let’s build our country up to the shining light it used to be for other countries around the world that respected us, instead of pouring it down the drain there. Greeted as liberators with cheers and flowers, my foot!

34 retired Admirals and Generals including two Joint Chiefs of Staff have endorsed Hillary and say that her world experience and five years on the Senate Armed Services Committee, and her clear plan make her the best candidate. That’s despite McCain’s war prisoner bragging rights and Obama’s claim that Hillary voted wrong.

You can watch it here: Go to http://youtube.com/watch?v=HOE2YumlXO4 to favorite, rate and comment.

Instead of covering these heavy-duty endorsements, the media decided to cover Hillary’s First Lady schedule as if it was a tea party, like her claims were all fluff. In fact, Irish women who were part of the Irish/England peace negotiations are on record saying that Hillary’s presence made a huge difference. But who does the media quote? Some men who deny it. Now doesn’t that just fit the bill? Meanwhile, Obama rings in about his doubts that Hillary could be a strong Commander-In-Chief.

So, the media ran with those stories instead of the Officers. As to why is a confirmation of all I’ve been saying till now: People–some men, some women–are just scared as hell to have an intelligent, dedicated, deep-thinking woman in power. It challenges so many things about the prevailing world order and culture that it’s safer to demonize Hillary than succumb to her competence.

It’s a tricky game to get drawn into — this one upmanship about national defense and ending the war. Hillary and Obama are drawing record numbers to the polls, primarily because this country is war-weary, which it wasn’t (unbelievably) in the last two elections. Many baby boomers, like me, are still weary from Viet Nam forty years ago.