Sexism and Why I’m for Hillary

Dear Readers,

I don’t typically advocate passionately for politics. I’m more likely to communicate to you about healing, consciousness, and the arts. And I don’t know where you stand, but I’ve got an itch and need to bitch.

I wasn’t for Hillary at first, until the field narrowed, I saw her heart and emotions, and began to listen to her debate Obama one on one. Little by little, as I heard her voice–coherent, smart, conscious, strong–and learned of her history and dedication, she gained my respect. For the woman to get up day after day — camera, hair, makeup, suit-ready, flying from state to state, city to city — and hit the ground running, answering questions brilliantly, as they’re forcefully and scornfully posed by newscasters and pompous pundits, the more she gains my respect.

I am literally sickened by the language used to describe Hillary versus Obama, and my eyes open more and more to the blatant sexism of the media. So I’ve begun to stand for her. The media bashed her when she was up and continue to nay say and doomsday her when she’s down. It’s truly amazing how nasty they are, in language, tone, prediction, finding and reporting on the breakdowns, disregarding her millions of votes and voters. I’m not the only one who’s noticing. After the second Hillary/Barack debate, I was pleased to read hundreds of comments written to MSNBC’s website pointing out how Hill was treated unfairly by Russert and the follow-up commentators.

Two weeks ago, a new NYC friend told me that his physician brother knows the real scoop about Hillary: She is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of women and children — an amazing assertion about someone who is the only one who’s ever tried to bring multiple parties together to change our healthcare, and who worked for women and children’s defense in lieu of joining corporate America straight out of law school.

I’ve included a courageous piece below: Tina Fey’s hysterical attempt on Saturday Night Live to expose the media bias, and lend support to Hillary. Judging from the comments left by viewers on NBC’s SNL page, she hit it out of the park. If you haven’t seen it, or have and want a keepsake, here you go!

If any of this moves you, do what you can . . . Hillary needs us now! You can make calls from home, or go to a phone bank with other people, and just pitch in. You can sign up here — they’ll be glad to welcome you. Or if you can, donate money.

I think Hillary can do the job of actually uniting all sides in Congress and the country, if people, if women have the guts to support her. Like she said in their last debate: she’s interested in bringing a new voice and way of operating into government, a woman’s way. She’s also ready to fight for it, and isn’t afraid to take a strong stand to protect her baby cubs–her country!

Onward! With love and blessings!


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