Letter sent to Howard Dean, Chairman, DNC, 3/6/08

Dear Dr. Dean,

I’ve been reading your emails over the years, so I hope you’ll somehow read this very first of mine to you.

Why, why, why would you cling to process and disregard the voters of Florida and Michigan? People’s votes don’t count? Again? Can you say, “Hanging chads, anyone?” And now perpetuated by Our Side?

I think it’s arrogant to think that the rules made by politicians and a Republican governor would disenfranchise two entire states of Democratic voters–citizens who had absolutely no say in whether their right to vote would be taken away by their own party!

Why do you take what appears to be an “I told you so” stand on this? You appear to be smirking when you bring the attitude of “oh well, you’ll just have to figure it out for yourselves. See what happens when you’re bad?”

What does it matter if the candidates and party operatives knew but the voters didn’t? Who could have predicted that we’d have such an amazing race, bringing in millions of new Democratic voters? Why risk turning off all those new voters by giving them reason to become cynical?

I’m sure you’re trying to figure it out at this very moment, I’m just saying that HOW you play your role could help, and I feel that instead it’s hurting.

Here’s my request: Can you play it differently? Can you please be more like a peacemaker, broker, negotiator in trying to solve this — for the sake of the voters, and Our Party?

Surely you’ve encountered medical situations where the heart must be part of the decision-making process and following the rules will take you just so far.

Isn’t this states situation similar? Weren’t the states doing the best they could to insure that their voters would be counted–this time?

Be nice! Please! Be a lover not a hater. Make love not war!


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